Samsung Knox empowers mobile users and protects your data, effortlessly

A secure device is a reliable device

The Samsung Knox platform is built into Samsung smartphones, tablets, and wearables at the manufacturing stage, so you have it the moment you unpack your device. The Knox platform consists of overlapping defense and security mechanisms that protect against intrusion, malware, and more malicious threats.
To further protect these devices for high security use cases, Samsung developed resilient and user-friendly Knox solutions.


Easy device management
Easy Device Management

Samsung Knox is designed with non-IT administrators in mind, offering reduced complexity for total ease of use.

Instantly effective

Samsung Knox is ready as soon as you sign up, allowing you to instantly configure, deploy and secure your Android and iOS devices with simple cloud-based tools.

Bulk device enrollment

Samsung Knox automates device deployment with a simple process, making bulk enrollment quick and easy
Keep Mobile Data Safe
Multi-layered security

Samsung Knox multi-layered security platform is built into both hardware and software for robust data protection.

Enterprise and personal data protection

Samsung Knox encrypts and protects data. It offers enhanced protection through monthly updates, including the latest patches from Samsung and Google.

Integrity protection

Samsung Knox separates user and corporate data, protecting private data, apps and photos while preventing accidental sharing of sensitive information.
Let Users Work Freely
Personal space

Samsung Knox gives users a private space for personal apps, data and photos. So they can work securely and live freely.

Access data everywhere

Samsung Knox makes it easy for users to access data whenever and wherever they need it, making them more responsive and more productive.

Seamlessly smooth

Samsung Knox settings, apps and accounts are automatically configured, leaving users free to get on with their lives, and reducing demand for IT support.

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