Flexible and Dynamic Content Options with Powerful SoC Embedded Video Wall
• Built-in quad core embedded system-on-chip (SoC) technology effi ciently showcases both standalone and video wall content without needing an additional media player
•Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP) powered by Tizen 4.0 allows for effortless real time content updates that are necessary in this fast-paced industry
• 3.5mm (B-to-B) ultra-narrow bezel allows for seamless, clear content. MagicINFO S Player creates a smooth transition between content with no lag, black screens or gaps during playback
Realize the Ease of UHD Video Wall


Flexible and dynamic content options with powerful SoC embedded video wall
Samsung’s VMR-U is a powerful and efficient SoC embedded video wall that can easily transform screens from displaying standalone content to operating as one cohesive unit without the need for additional hardware. The VMR-U is the best solution for capturing and keeping your customer’s attention.
System-on-chip (SoC)
The VMR-U features embedded system-on-chip (SoC) technology, allowing screens to easily switch between displaying individual content and operating together to display a cohesive image. This can be done with a simple HDMI loop out or LAN connection, eliminating the need for an external media player.
Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP)
Samsung’s SMART Signage Platform (SSSP) powered by Tizen 4.0, supports a web friendly environment for development through reinforced compatibility with web formats and standards. It allows for effortless, real-time content updates that are necessary in this fast-paced industry.
Seamless content
The VMR-U delivers seamless content with its ultra-narrow bezel, while MagicINFO S Player’s powerful performance creates smooth transitions between content with no lag, black screens or gaps during playback.
24/7 operation
Designed to maintain performance in various indoor environment conditions, The VMR-U enables vivid and reliable content delivery for every business need with continuous 24/7 operation.
Non-glare panel
The VMR-U features a non-glare panel that evenly distributes light across the screen to maintain content vibrancy and accuracy, with a high contrast ratio to display vivid and memorable content.
Durable and reliable
Each VMR-U display features a reinforced panel for long-term performance. This superior panel prevents screen darkening, light leakage and picture deterioration.
Comprehensive calibration
Samsung’s multi-step factory calibration process tunes video walls to uniform brightness and color throughout multiple displays. In addition to rigorous factory calibration, users can also manage brightness and color uniformity with Samsung's Color Expert Pro, a powerful free software program.
Color Expert Pro Mobile
Color Expert Pro Mobile Samsung’s Color Expert Pro Mobile solution provides a quick and easy video wall calibration through a mobile camera. With the solution’s intuitive UI, even non-expert users can adjust up to 5x5 video wall’s white balance simultaneously without the need for additional equipment.

Specification Overview

Model NameUsage TimeDimensions [cm]Weight [kg]Brightness [nits]VESA [mm]Built-in playerBizel [mm]
VM46R-U 24/7 102,21 x 57,66 x 9,74 15,9 500 600x400 SSSP 6 b2b 3,5
UM46N-E 24/7 120 x 57,46 x 9,63 15,7 500 600x400 SBB b2b 1,7
UM55N-E 24/7 121,16 x 68,24 x 9,63 21 500 600x400 SBB b2b 1,7
UH46F5  24/7 102,38x57,84x4,79 13,2 700 400x400 SBB b2b 5,5

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