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What’s New in MagicINFO Cloud 9 (21.1010.2)

What’s New

  • AD (Mediation) platform conjunction: Added new ADS type element for WPlayer.
  • Template authority: Split Content write authority to Content Upload and Content write authority.
  • Login Screen Customization: Customer can add text and change background of login screen.
  • Add Flip3 to Device Type: Flip3 device can be added.
  • ICP certificate link add in Log-in screen: Link can be added on login screen under server version. Icons are hardcoded but can be disable.
  • Unapproved Content Download: Provide download feature in unapproved tab.
  • Playlist Effect – Add “Apply to all” button to apply same transition to all elements.
  • WebAuthor(21.1010.5)
    - User authority : Restict CONTENT ADD/UPLOAD by authority of user
    - Apply seperated scroll to the sidebar
  • Modified Features
  • Dashboard Device Status info by ORG: Update dashboard to show status according to login user org.
  • Install Package File Updated: Update package so that it will not be necessary to have chrome/edge browser to complete the installation.
  • DLK playtime: Now user can update DLK file playlist. Only can decrease from the time calculated by web author.
  • Update the tutorial info: Updated the help links, removed old links and add new.
  • Browser ratio layout: Used will be able to access LHS links even after browser resize.
  • Nested playlist playtime: Nested playlist playtime will be included in General playlist.

Bug Modification

  • Performance issue of "Export" button on the server to download all devices.
  • Dashboard loading time improve.
  • Device groups are not loading while publishing sync schedule
  • [#00214260]: In the edit device pop-up, increased the timer intervals for all the tabs for handleSave and getCurrentData functions because clicking save button was giving "unexpected error has occurred" warning instead of "Completed" notification.
  • [#00215110]: User is able to select only loaded contents in the popup when "Select" button is clicked. When user scrolls down the list, new unselected contents are loaded, creating confusion. 
  • [#00213478]: In contents tab main page, the "Add to playlist" button allows addition of content only to user's playlists.
  • [#00215029]: When customer save Device Preset with 'Button Lock' un-tick. If open the same preset again, 'Button Lock' still ticked and applied to assigned devices also.
  • [#00213589]: On editing and saving LFD content, it moves to default folder.
  • [#00216287]: Alarm Mailing Service for Schedule to expire not working.
  • [#00216288]: The Alarm Mailing Service for Device Health alarms do not start/stop after saving changes for NON ROOT organizations unless the MIS service is restarted.
  • [#00216106]: Device Health Notification email not working.
  • [#00214385]: Clean recycling bin produces error.
  • [#00215163]: User(s) with any permission are able to see the user's list. e.g. device manager or content manager user was able to fetch user's list using postman.
  • [#00217179]: Under Device->Edit->Information section, after updating Location field and saving it, if user refreshes the browser and re-opens the device location, it is found to be empty.
  • [#00216489]: When customer tries to switch to private mode then RM server status become OFF.
  • [#00218661]: On the setting > server management > device summary > all tables shows player version in place of FW version.
  • [#00217755]: Template of one organization is visible to other organization in webauthor in case of multiuser.
  • [#00214390]: Users with special characters in their User IDs were unable to open LFD and VWL files.
  • [#00212800]: When a content used in a playlist expires, then the tags associated with the rest of the contents are also removed.
  • [#00219770]: The server shows "File doesn't exist or is damaged" when you try to edit a DLK.
  • [#00219365]: when user create playlist with some player and that player get deleted, then it show empty in supported devices.
  • [00220764]: Fan and Eco Sensor errors are not being sent in Alarm mail.
  • [00220866]: Inconsistency in MagicINFO Date / Time setting in Time tab in Device Info.
  • [00221546]: If there is no Content on the Server(and deleted from Recycle Bin as well) and if one goes into the Statistics Menu and then checks Storage Usage, then MagicINFO Server 9 will crash.
  • [#00222785]: only default server admin was able to see all logs, custom server administrators are not able to see all the logs.
  • [#00212993]: The maximum size possible of every device log file was hard-coded as 10MB in code, which was causing problems in decrypting them when required log size was larger.
  • [#00222038]: Contents->Shared Contents->Right Click on any folder-> Click Share. Search for any organization inside it and try to select it. It won't select.
  • [#00220805]: When adding tag values inside a particular tag in Settings->Tag Management, the API for performing this operation times out and "Unexpected error has occured" popup shows in UI if there are large number of tag values or devices associated with that particular tag.
  • [#00225536]: On deleting content, if content is added in conversion table in web author then it is not showing in used content list.
  • [#00226074]: Content menu items showing up while only RM license is activated.
  • [WebAuthor] Improve the resizing issue of rotated element
  • [WebAuthor] LFD open issue (wrong parsing of effects - VisualEffect, GroupMotions)
  • [WebAuthor][#00220153] Save issue of datalinkTransition value
  • [WebAuthor][#00219840] Fix duration picker $apply issue (MediaSlide Element)
  • [WebAuthor][#00224847] LFD/LFT open issue (open error when entered by "Edit" of MIServer)
  • [WebAuthor][LayoutEditor][#00221202] Fix source position when natural fill mode (VideoWall)

 Security Vulnerability Fixes

  • Loadash Library updated to 4.17.21 as previous (4.17.19) one have some vulnerability.
  • [WebAuthor] Apply preventive measures of Zip Boom issue
  • [WebAuthor] Apply restriction of upload (Web Shell,  jspx files are not disallowed from upload)

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