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WHAT’S NEW IN Mi Cloud version 6001.0

  1. Support for Redis Cache - When configuring a clustering environment, supports Redis Cache Server. (Refer to construction guide)
  2. Support MS-SQL 2008/2012/2016
  3. Support S6 LED devices - Supports approval, monitoring, and remote management for S6 LED devices.

Resolved Issues (6001.0)

  1. At Media Tag settings, the UI was improved to show full tag name.
  2. Fixed the DLK contents problem that if modified the convert table, the schedule does not deploy automatically.
  3. The SSL-related bug has been modified during the interworking of the Remote Control Server.
  4. When update to V6, the initial option value for device power control was changed to true.
  5. The schedule copy feature has been modified that it does not support Sync Play type.
  6. Improved to use the "_" character when generated or modified the tag.
  7. When processing the pop file, the db insert feature has been improved to proceed with the date information in raw data.
  8. When creating URL content, Fixed the problem when the URL address contains “& ” characters.
  9. Added the pop merge feature option in config file. It can be set to on or off. (pop.merge.enable item)
  10. When adding content to an existing playlist, a bug in which the media tag of other content disappears has been modified.
  11. The bug that the description part of the playlist is not deleted has been modified.
  12. When deleting the content from the Sync Play Play list, the message was corrected to output normally.

WHAT’S NEW IN Mi Cloud version 6000.0

  1. Strengthen LED product competitiveness - LED cabinet information, new monitoring screen is supported. - Threshold for LED cabinet can be set based on the warning rule, and items outside the normal range are displayed on the monitoring screen. - Added Web-based LED Layout Author (LED Layout Manager 6000.2) - Auto Align, fine adjustment, pattern display
  2. Strengthen Web Author Product Competitiveness (Web Author 6000.3) - Support for new devices in 2018 (S6 Player support) - External Event Trigger (UDP or Serial) function has been added. - User Font function is supported. - Improved usability of Datalink. - Visual Effects added.
  3. Strengthening the competitiveness of video products (Videowall Layout Editor 6000.2) - Support for new devices in 2018. (S6 player supported) - External Event Trigger (UDP or Serial) function has been added. - User Font function is supported
  4. Support for new devices in 2018 - New support for connection, scheduling, device control and monitoring of S6 Player devices.
  5. New error and warning alarm function for device status check - HW and SW Fault menus that were previously supported have been improved with new error and warning structure. - Refer to the Web manual for specific Error and Warning items.
  6. DataLInk, Edge, Remote Control server monitoring function - MagicInfo periodically checks the connection status of the DataLink, Edge, and Remote Control server that works with the server and displays it on the dashboard. - Information such as whether to check the connection status and the monitoring period can be set individually.
  7. Variable Tag function for Web URL contents - Variable Tag function has been added for device-specific playback of Web URL contents. - The name of the existing tag was changed to Media Tag.
  8. LDAP server interworking function - It supports the function to register as a MagicInfo Server user by periodically linking based on the user information registered in the LDAP server. - When registering users, you can set membership, roles, etc. to be used in MagicInfo Server.
  9. Improved device installation / approval convenience - Provides device group code information. - The group code information entered in the device supports the function that the group can be set automatically when the device is approved.
  10. Default content remote change function - Supports the ability to upload and modify the default content to be changed, remotely.
  11. IPv6 Support - IPv6 network environment is supported.
  12. Content Part Approval Function - New partial approval feature when approving unauthorized content.
  13. Full / individual setting function for LDAP server and SMTP server - Supports LDAP server and SMTP server, which can be used collectively as a whole or different organizations.
  14. Event triggering statistics function - Supports detailed report on relevant information during playback related to event triggering.
  15. User-specific view function - It supports user-specific view function to check information of other users in content or playlist menu.

Resolved Issues (6000.0)

  1. Improved the ability to delete Sync Playlist.
  2. When the schedule is automatically redistributed, we have added a log for this.
  3. The speed of device group tree behavior has been improved.
  4. Improved to display tooltip when some file names are not displayed on schedule creation screen.
  5. When editing a playlist, we have improved to show the name of the current playlist.
  6. Added the ability to show / hide the number displayed in the Notification item of the device menu.
  7. Audience Measurement related function has been deleted.
  8. User password generation rules have been enhanced.
  9. When the user's information is deleted, the usage history is also deleted.
  10. A link to the Web manual has been added on the server screen.
  11. Enhanced token security for Rest API.
  12. We expanded the input information UI on the Web URL content creation screen.
  13. Improved the user menu to display the name of the organization to which each user belongs.
  14. The last connection time information of the device has been improved to be displayed in the detail view screen.
  15. If the device is offline, detailed information retrieval is improved.
  16. When using RM server, both public and private are improved to use in SSL mode.
  17. Improved the behavior for the Power related options of the device. 
  18. 'sign up' button disappears when login failure has been fixed.
  19. Fixed an issue that caused errors when downloading information from Notification menu.
  20. Fixed an issue where the emptying of the trash cannot be done in the contents menu.
  21. Fixed an invisible issue when creating an Android Playlist with a manager account in the new organization.
  22. Fixed an issue where the day of the week is not selected properly when creating a message schedule.
  23. Fixed an issue where tag information is displayed differently when logged in as a user other than admin.
  24. Fixed the problem of selecting a nested playlist on Lite devices.
  25. Fixed the problem that user group information is not displayed on frame permission screen when creating / modifying schedule.
  26. Fixed an issue where search function does not work properly in the device unauthorized menu.
  27. Fixed an issue where schedules were not automatically distributed when changing FTP contents.
  28. Fixed an issue where DB name and ID are case-insensitive when installed in MSSQL DB.
  29. Fixed an issue where HW schedule information was not displayed when upgrading from V3.x to V4.x.
  30. Improved to support content in JPEG format in Lite Player.
  31. When creating Web URL content, the url information length has been improved to allow the input of up to 2083 characters.
  32. Fixed an issue where device search function does not work properly in unauthorized menu.
  33. [Web Author] Fixed an issue where HTTPS connection does not apply when setting WeatherWidget wallpaper.
  34. [Web Author] Fixed an issue where uploading failed if the length of the file name was too long when uploading the content.
  35. [Web Author] Fixed an issue where saving when adding WebURL failed.
  36. [Web Author] Fixed an issue where the data link application cannot be saved correctly in grouped elements.
  37. [Web Author] ConvertTable has been improved to save the name. 38. [Web Author] Added 0 to LFT conversion speed.

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