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Bring the data behind your display to life

Rule Design

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Create custom rules inspired by data
Rule Manager’s primary feature is rule design which allows users to set basic parameters for analysis. Users can create cus-tom rules from a wide range of variables including sales information such as best and worst selling products, specific time periods and even weather. Previously, content managers would need to set all schedules for individual displays, but with MagicINFO™ Analytics solution, managers simply set basic rules with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface and MagicINFO Analytics automatically presents the most effective content based on the rules set.

What is Samsung’s MagicINFO™ Analytics?

Create better customer experiences with data-driven insights
Digital signage is a proven and highly effective marketing tool. Improved technology and growing interest in digital dis-plays for commercial use has accelerated industry-wide innovation, generating more opportunity to deliver consistent and personalized content than ever before.
One of the most significant developments impacting the digital signage ecosystem is data-driven marketing or trans-lating insights from data into optimized marketing processes. This allows businesses to create tailored campaigns that are more efficient and also more impactful for customers. On top of that, a growing number of retailers have expressed a willingness to adopt IoT sensors and technology to better understand and analyze how in-store behavior is influenced by promotions and how to improve the overall customer experience. Additionally, through the availability of AI-based big data analysis, businesses can now easily access, analyze and optimize customer experiences based on real-time data.
Data-driven marketing has become a fundamental part of business strategy to provide relevant offers and interactions that drive improved customer service.

Experience the benefits of data-driven marketing

Understand ROI
Understand ROI
With Samsung’s MagicINFO™ Analytics solution, marketers will be able to more precisely review the impact of their investment and marketing promotions, so they can devise more effective campaigns in the future.
Drive sales through optimized campaigns
Drive sales through optimized campaigns
MagicINFO™ Analytics solution allows marketers to optimize their marketing campaigns based on real-time integrated data, enabling effective promotions across store hot spots for new products, ultimately helping to yield a lift in sales.
All-in-one solution
All-in-one solution
The complete solution is managed on a single platform and Samsung provides all necessary displays, software and installation/maintenance services.

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