Deliver bright, creative messages on robust outdoor signage
•Large-sized digital displays optimized for outdoor usage
•Excellent visibility under direct sunlight through 3,000nit high brightness
•Advanced content management via MagicINFO S6 Player powered by TIZEN.
Resistant to outdoor elements


Resistant to outdoor elements
The OHN-D series is verified to perform in any outdoor setting. IP56-rated protection* ensures the OHN series will that withstand physical impact as well as dust**, humidity or other outdoor elements that could affect the display.
Outdoor signage with simplified installation and upkeep, plus an all-encompassing array of pre-assembled features
OHF Series is conveniently and easily installed, designed and operated with a thin, all-in-one solution, which comes in a package which includes ingress protection, anti-reflection technology, an embedded power box, vandalism protection and a highly efficient cooling system. In addition, the embedded power box helps to condense operational components to the point where an ultra slim depth of 85mm can be attained, while the functionality of embedded network hub allow for simple connection and easy installation.
Unsurpassable visibility day and night
The OHN-D series allows for exceptional, consistent content delivery with 3,000nit brightness and 24/7 performance. With a built-in dimming sensor, the display automatically adjusts the brightness based on the external lighting environment, saving display operating expenses and power consumption.
Robust IK10* level of endurance against external impacts
Advanced display protection is provided through the 5 mm (0.19 in.) tempered Magic Glass featuring durability that is IK10-certified (European strength test), further referencing its robust level of strength that can endure external impacts. In addition, a gap between the Magic Glass and the LCD panel prevents LCD breakage when the protection glass is broken. *IK rating refers to the degree of resistance against external impacts on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 indicates the highest level of protection. * Dual Protection Glass can be applied for stronger resistance if required.
Possessing a self-cooling system with no need for filter or maintenance
Samsung's OHF Series comes complete with an advanced cooling system with heat exchanger, supported by advanced thermal control functionality. This enhances the overall efficiency in terms of both management and cost through its filter-less system. The system revolutionizes outdoor signage design, abandoning the thick enclosures to accommodate a full display package.
Captivate audiences with excellent visibility
• High Visibility OHF Series displays feature innovative Magic Glass, TUV Certified Image Quality and an Auto Brightness Sensor to optimize brightness in order to optimally convey messaging to virtually any viewer. These powerful displays also feature circular polarizing technology that eliminates display blindness caused by polarized sunglasses. OHF Series captivate viewers with superior messaging clarity delivered with high 2,500 nit brightness and 5,000:1 high contrast ratio. • Reflection Prevention Greater content visibility is achieved under a combination of high brightness, lower reflection and high contrast ratio. The Magic Glass of the OHF Series that is in front of the displays’ LCD panels removes the protection glass reflection, making the displayed images richer and clearer under direct sunlight.
Operate reliably in virtually any environment
To deal with dust, moisture and other environmental variables that can damage your outdoor signage and impede operation, OHF Series ensure a high level of ingress defense with IP56 level protection that extends throughout the entire display. As heat is a major factor due to outdoor signage being exposed to sunlight, operation of OHF Series has been made possible in temperatures that range from -30°C (-22°F) to 50°C (122°F) through a self-cooling system, allowing for a level of durability that can sustain 24/7 operations while negating the need for additional air conditioning systems.
Easy-to-use management software
The embedded MagicINFO Player S6, backed by the powerful TIZEN operating system, boosts the displays overall performance, allows for painless content management and ensures seamless transition and playback.
VESA-compliant for simplified mounting
The OHF Series comes complete with additional brackets (optional), in order to accommodate Standard VESA usage. Due to being VESA-compliant, the OHF series gives you the power and flexibility to mount your display according to your needs and without having to purchase a specific brand or model of wall mount. (Only applicable to 46” and 55”)

Specification Overview

Model NameUsage TimeDimensions [cm]Weight [kg]Brightness [nits]VESA [mm]Built-in player
OH46F  24/7 106,9x62,36x8,5 40,5 2500 995x500 SSSP4
OH55F  24/7 126,06x73,14x8,5 52,6 2500 1186x560 SSSP4
OH75F 24/7 177,48x105,34x12 142 2500 870x1118,4 SSSP4
OH85N-SK  24/7 200,4x118,5x12 137 3300 1000x1118,4 SSSP6 
OH85N-DK 24/7 119,3x201,2x22,8 255 3300 N/A SSSP6 
OH85N-S 24/7 200,4x118,5x12 163 3000 N/A SSSP6 

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